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2024年度 Akagi Lab 始動!

Fukuoka Institute of Technology,

Faculty of Engineering,

Life, Environment, and Applied Chemistry

Laboratory for Molecular and Celluler Biology 


Developing Discoveries at the Akagi Lab

  • Stem cell research unveils the mysteries of life's phenomena, empowering us to further the uniquely human quest for knowledge.

  • Throughout the research journey, we refine the articulation and visualization of thoughts, enhancing both presentation and communication skills.

  • Engaging in research fosters the ability to identify and resolve challenges, cultivating individuals capable of thriving in any societal context.


April 2024

April 2024

April 2024

April 2024

Akagi Lab Logo

Akagi Lab Logo 

We drew inspiration from the name 'Akagi(=red tree)' to create a simple graphic representation of a 'red tree.' Additionally, we placed the 'A' of 'Akagi Lab' at the top and the 'L' at the bottom. Both the text and graphics feature rounded shapes and soft colors, resulting in a vibrant and student-friendly atmosphere. This logo was designed by science illustrator and animator Sara Kobayashi.

About Us

◆Mission - Strengthening Japan's Competitive Edge

◆Vision - Unraveling Life Phenomena and Cultivating Human Potential

◆Value - Collaboration and Inclusivity, Individuality and Diversity

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Life is hard, but we are harder

Defeat makes us stronger

Those who live in caves never see the sunlight


H. Phillip Koeffler, M.D.

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